Sex Toys for Couples

If you have a partner and you’re interested in increasing intimacy and pleasure, you may want to look into sex toys for couples. Some may be hesitant to introduce a toy into their sex life because they believe it means they’re somehow dissatisfied with their partner.

However, nothing could be further from the truth! Exploring pleasure products together shows that you’re interested in adventure and learning more about each other. You may even find it exciting to shop for toys together either in person or online.

Having sex with a partner and using toys with them is great, but another benefit of adding adult products to your sex life is that you can also use them on your own. You’ll find options for everyone, from clitoral and prostate stimulators to standard vibrators and cock rings.

Below, I’ll cover some of the most common types of sex toys for couples and explain how to use each. These recommendations were made through the research done over at

Sex Chairs and Furniture

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Sex chairs, pillows, wedges and other types of furniture is really the ultimate type of sex toy for couples.

You can find chairs of all styles to fit every type of body and position you and your partner are interested in.

For the best advice on buying a sex chair or other types of furniture, visit They have a panel of experts who review various sex toys and provide the best advice and expert opinions.

Other Types of Couples’ Sex Toys

If you already have sex toys, they can work as a couple’s toy. All it requires is adding your partner to the mix when you use it. But you may be looking to try something completely new, which is where couples’ sex toys come in.

Couples’ Vibrators

Couples’ vibrators can be used with your partner during foreplay and sex. They typically come with a clit stimulator on one end and a G-spot stimulator on the other. She will receive strong vibrations and you’ll feel them while you penetrate her.

Couples’ vibrators come with a flexible shaft which allows the insertable portion to fit inside her vagina and enables the clit stimulator to rest against her clitoris. These toys are designed to be worn during intercourse or other types of sexual activity, though some also work at a distance.

Using Couples’ Vibrators

Your female partner can use the couples’ vibrator to stimulate herself while she’s giving you a blow job or hand job. To do this, she will simply insert the toy and wear panties over it to keep it in place. She can hand the remote to you and allow you to control the vibrations and intensity.

A man may wear the couples’ vibrator around his testicles and penis while he’s performing cunnilingus on his partner. Simply slip the vibrator around your penis with the ends touching your balls, then hand the remote to your girlfriend so she can control the vibrations.

Some couples’ vibrators can be used at a distance with a special app, which makes them perfect for long-distance relationships. To use it this way, one partner will simply insert or slip on the toy and have the other one control the vibrations from afar. This is a great way to stay connected when you’re missing each other on those long nights alone.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are a popular option for couples’ sex toys. They restrict the flow of blood back into the penis, making your erection last longer and stay harder. They’re ideal for men with erection issues, but even if your equipment is functioning just fine, they can enhance sensation and help you delay orgasm.

Some options fit over the penis and others are designed to stretch around both the penis and testicles. Cock rings come in a variety of materials, from metal to rubber and soft silicone. I recommend starting with a stretchy material for your first ring.

Some options vibrate to provide extra stimulation for the clitoris during intercourse. Many brands offer a few different sizes, so you can choose which suits you best. Let’s look at the best ways to use a cock ring.

Using Cock Rings

To use a cock ring, apply some lubricant to the inside to help it slide on smoothly and aid in easier positioning. When you’re using lubricant with an adult product, make sure the material of the toy is compatible with the lube. I recommend starting with water-based lubricant since it’s compatible with all materials.

Your cock ring should fit snugly over your penis to restrict blood flow, but it should feel comfortable instead of too tight. If you’re using a rigid material, like metal, slip it on while you’re still flaccid. Adjustable or stretchy cock rings may be slipped on when you’re already hard. You shouldn’t wear a cock ring for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Vibrating Panties

You may already have a small bullet vibrator at home in your bedside drawer, but did you know that you can find wearable vibrators that slip into your panties and provide hands-free fun? Whether you want to stimulate yourself or have your partner control the vibrations, vibrating panties are a great addition to any couple’s sex toy collection.

Some models come with a magnetic clip that allows you to attach the vibrating component to your underwear to help it stay in place. You should be able to choose between several vibration modes. Many vibrating panties come with app compatibility, so you can use them even if you lose the remote control.

Most brands of vibrating panties cater to clit stimulation, but some options come with a small dildo that you can insert. Make sure to find an option that works for your preferences.

Using Vibrating Panties

Some couples enjoy using vibrating panties while they’re out in public for discreet and sexy fun. You may want to use them at a restaurant, a bar, or even the movie theater. Only you and your partner will know about your naughty little secret. The only challenge may be staying quiet.

Keep in mind that choosing the right size of panties is very important. Some products will be listed as “one size fits all,” but it’s still wise to look over user reviews to see what customers have to say about the fit. Look closely at the materials used in the panties as it’s best to pick a stretchy material that will feel comfortable.

Double-Ended Dildos

A great choice for lesbian couples, double-ended dildos (also called double dildos) are a dildo with two heads that two women insert into their vaginas to penetrate each other. Some have a flesh-colored and realistic look, while others come in neon hues for couples who don’t want to think about penises during sex.

While all options can be used as they are, some lesbian couples prefer to use a double dildo with a harness so that it functions similar to a strap-on. You can also use them for anal penetration, although a harness is recommended for this. As always, use plenty of lube for anal play.

You can choose between vibrating or non-vibrating double-ended dildos and a wide variety of materials. You can also select either a rigid or flexible model. These products come in many different sizes, so it’s a good idea to talk about what you both prefer before deciding on one.

Using Double-Ended Dildos

The first rule of thumb to observe with double dildos is applying lots of lubricant. Water-based lube is generally the best choice for vagina play since it works well with your natural lubrication. Also, water-based lubes are safe to use with sex toys of all materials, as mentioned earlier.

Silicone-based lubricant can degrade sex toys made of silicone, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for lube. In addition to using double-ended dildos with your partner, you can use one by yourself for double penetration. Doing Kegel exercises will help you grip the dildo better, so that it doesn’t slide out.

As mentioned, you should think carefully about the right size for your double dildo. If you plan to use it with a trusted partner, you can use a shorter one since you won’t have to worry as much about STI transmission. If you plan to use it with partners you don’t know as well, a longer option is better to reduce genital to genital contact.

Talk to your partner about what she prefers for your first double dildo. Do you want a toy that looks like it could be a real penis? Or would you rather pick a colorful option that doesn’t remind you as much of a realistic phallus?

Ready for Your First Couples’ Sex Toy Experience?

Now that you know how many exciting options there are, it’s time to choose your first toy. Starting with something simple like a cock ring or couples’ vibrator is a good place to begin. With plenty of lubricant and communication, you should have many fun-filled evenings with your new toy.